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About Learn by Genius


Learn by Genius is a leading educational and corporate assistance company and first of its kind in India. It has been established keeping in mind the regular requirements of the student community related to education, and the industry demand
Learn by Genius is founded by a group of technical experts and passionate people. Co-founders include business expert Mr Om Kapse, Ms Ruchika Sarda and Mr Aditya. It originally started in 2009 as a student assistance firm, but later in 2014 it actually started working as a corporate organisation, since then it has never looked back.

Learn by Genius is geared up by enterprising entrepreneurs with the goal to make a difference in the educational industry to enhance the lives and development of education. We are involved in providing technical training.

Challenges before the training institutes worldwide today are delivering quality training that enables the candidates while keeping cost at a minimum, without wasting much time, more practical training. We offer classroom as well as online training which is flexible. We introduce the unique concept like LIFE LONG membership, in this, the candidate can repeat the batches multiple times, without having to invest much money and the course syllabus and  faculty the same

At Learn by Genius, our main focus is in spreading education and knowledge among the student community on the current and updated industry demands. It is designed to provide a spectrum of counselling, information material and training essentials for feeding knowledge to the mind of individuals and students.




Our mission is to provide quality and cost-effective education and  provide highly skilled candidates to companies




Our vision is to become the BEST institute in the world, in training and providing quality manpower  





Our team consists of technology experts and passionate people