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Microsoft Azure Training Institute in India

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Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges.









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What is Microsoft Azure ?

  • Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges.
  • It is the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Who can learn Microsoft Azure ?

Under the PAAS platform Azure offers a great range of solutions:

  • Azure App Service
  • SQL DB as PAAS DB.
  • Other DB offerings but hosted on IAAS Vm
  • Web App, Mobile App, Logic App, and API Apps
  • A plethora of options are there you just need to dive in.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Microsoft Azure ?

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) helps you manage who has access to Azure resources, what they can do with those resources, and what areas they have access to.
  • RBAC is an authorization system built on Azure Resource Manager that provides fine-grained access management of resources in Azure.

What is Future scope and market share ?

  • Microsoft Azure is behind AWS in terms of market share.
  • According to the Synergy Research Group the AWS market share is 31 %.
  • But the YOY growth was high to 124% in 2016.
  • But YOY growth rate for AWS is 63%, Microsoft is 124%, IBM is 57%, Google is 108%, SalesForce is 40%.
  • This is based on the report early 2016.

What is Salary package of Microsoft Azure ?

  • Microsoft ranked second for median starting salaries just behind Nvidia Corp, which led the ranking at $99,400.
  • Those Microsoft employees with 0 to five years experience, meanwhile, raked in a cool $91,500 — just ahead of rivals such as Google ($87,500); Oracle ($78,100); and ($88,900).

What are the Job Opportunities in Microsoft Azure ? 


  • Ms Azure Architect
  • Ms Azure Specialist
  • Ms Windows Architect In Azure

Cloud Computing and Azure

  • Cloud Computing
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Service Models
  • Understanding Deployment Models
  • advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
  • Understanding Azure
  • Getting Started with Azure
  • Azure Hosting Models
  • Exploring Azure Services
  • Azure Subscription and Portals
  • Azure Management Tools
  • Overview of Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Web Apps & Cloud Services in Azure
  • Creating & Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure Databases
  • Creating & Managing Azure AD

Web App: Azure App Service

  • Developing and Publishing WebApps
  • Publishing WebApps: Profile and FTP
  • Automating Deployment: Dropbox or OneDrive
  • Web App: Scaling Up and ScaleOut
  • Application Configuration Settings
  • Studying Deployment Slots
  • How to Map Custom Domain Name To Azure WebApp?
  • SSL for Custom domain
  • Monitoring Debugging Diagnostics

SQL Database Service

  • SQL Database: An Overview
  • Azure Database: Creating and Connecting
  • Migrating: Premise Database to SQL Database
  • EF Code First and Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Database and Alerting
  • Azure SQL Database Auditing
  • Azure SQL Database Business Continuity
  • Azure Storage Service
  • Creating Storage Account
  • Blob, Table Storage, Storage Queues, Azure File Storage
  • Table Storage and REST Api
  • RESTful Client: Javascript and JQuery
  • Storage Queue: REST Api

Azure Web Jobs and App Services

  • Exploring Azure Web Jobs

  • Understanding Azure App Services

  • Azure Mobile Applications

  • Steps to Develop Mobile Application

  • Mobile Apps and Easy Tables

  • Authentication of Mobile Apps

  • Offline Sync and Push Notification

  • Azure App Services and API App

  • Steps to Develop API Apps

  • Publish API Apps

  • API Apps and Client Application

  • App Service and Logic Application

  • Logic Apps and Steps to create it

  • Logic App: ForEach and Filter Steps

  • API App and Logic App

Azure Cloud Service and Platform

  • Exploring Azure Cloud Service
  • Developing and Deploying Cloud Service Application
  • SQL Database and Debugging in Cloud Service
  • Worker Role & Cloud Service
  • Cloud Service: SSL and Scaling
  • Exploring Cloud Service VM and Websites
  • Understanding Transient Fault Handling
  • Cloud Service: Startup Task and End Points
  • API Management Service

Azure and Windows Powershell

  • Defining Azure Powershell
  • Install and Login with Azure Powershell
  • How to Manage Resource Group and App Service Web Apps
  • Powershell and Storage Account
  • Resource Group and ARM Templates
  • Editing and Deploying ARM Templates
  • Studying Azure Service Bus
  • Relayed Client and Server Application
  • Exploring Service Bus Queue
  • Understanding Sender and Receiver Application
  • Dead Letter Queue Message Handling
  • Studying Topics and Subscriptions
  • Transactions in Brokered Messaging

Azure Media Services and Virtual Networking

  • Introduction to Azure Media Services
  • How to Manage Media Services In Azure Portal
  • Managing Media Service in Code
  • Exploring Azure CDN
  • Understanding Azure Virtual Networking
  • VNet SubNet NSG VM
  • Azure Domain Name Service
  • ARM Azure Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Using Powershell
  • VM and ARM Templates
  • Creating VM Image
  • Availability Set and Load Balancer
  • Exploring Redis Caching
  • Developing Applications Using Redis Cache

Essentials of Azure Active Directory

  • Understanding Azure Active Directory
  • AD Users, Groups and Devices
  • Azure Role Based Access Control
  • Integration: Premise AD Identities and Azure AD
  • Integration: Gallery Applications and Azure AD for SSO
  • Integration: Premise Applications and Azure Active Directory
  • Azure ADB2B Collaboration

Microsoft Azure Solutions - 70-532

Microsoft Azure Platform and Infrastructure

  • Understanding Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Azure Services & Portals
  • Application Infrastructure & Azure
  • How to Construct Azure Virtual Machine?
  • Azure Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Ways to Migrate Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure VM and Configuration Management
  • Customization of Azure Virtual Machine
Azure Platform and Hosting Web Applications
  • Studying Azure Web Apps
  • How to Host Web Applications in Azure?
  • Steps to Configure an Azure Web App
  • How to Publish an Azure Web App?
  • Designing Cloud Applications for Resiliency
  • Application Analytics & Design Practices
  • How to build High Performance Applications with ASP.NET?
  • Studying Cloud Application Patterns
  • How to Cache Application Data?
Storing SQL and Tabular Data in Azure
  • Store SQL Data in Azure
  • How to Manage SQL Databases?
  • Understanding Azure SQL Database Tools
  • How to Secure & Recover Azure SQL Database?
  • Storing Tabular Data in Azure
  • Studying Azure Storage Tables
  • Table Entity Transactions in Azure

Store and Consume Files from Azure Storage

  • How to Store and Consume Files from Azure Storage?
  • How to Control Access to Storage Blobs & Containers?
  • How to Configure Azure Storage Accounts?
  • Azure Files & Azure Queues
  • How to Design a Communication Strategy using Queues?
  • Understanding Azure Storage Queues
  • Azure Service Bus: Quotes & Relays
  • Azure Service Bus: Notification Hubs

Azure Client Libraries and Directories

  • Azure SDK Client Libraries
  • Azure Service Management & Windows PowerShell
  • Azure REST Interface & Resource Manager
  • Azure Active Directories
  • Azure AD Directories & Multi-factor Authentication

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (70-533)

Azure Essentials and Cloud Technology

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Understanding Azure
  • Azure and Azure Portal
  • Azure and Azure Resource Manager
  • Studying Azure Management Services
  • How to Implement Azure Networking?
  • How to Manage Azure Virtual Networks?
  • How to Configure Azure Virtual Network Connectivity?
  • Studying Azure Classic Networkship
  • Azure and Windows PowerShell
  • Azure Resource Manager and Management Services

Azure Networking and Virtual Machines

  • Azure Virtual Networks Connectivity
  • Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Planning for Azure Virtual Machines
  • Deployment of Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • How to Manage Virtual Machines?
  • Configuring Virtual Machines & VM Disks
  • How to Manage & Monitor Azure VM?
  • How to Manage Classic Virtual Machines?

Azure App Services

  • Understanding Azure App Services
  • App Deployment in App Service
  • How to Implement & Maintain Web Apps
  • Configuring & Monitoring Web Apps & WebJobs
  • Implement Mobile Apps
  • Studying Traffic Manager
  • Storage, Backup and Recovery
  • Planning & Implementing Storage
  • How to Manage Storage?
  • Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Azure Backup & Azure Site Recovery

Azure SQL Database and PaaS Cloud Services

  • Deployment of Azure SQL Database
  • Implementation of Azure SQL Database
  • Managing & Monitoring Azure Database Security
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Business Continuity
  • PaaS Cloud Services and their Implementation
  • PaaS: Planning & Deploying
  • How to Manage & Maintain Cloud Services?

Azure Active Directory and Hybrid Environment

  • Azure AD Tenants
  • Configuring Applications & Resource Access with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium
  • Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment
  • Extending On premises AD Domain to Azure IaaS
  • Implementing Directory Synchronization with Azure AD Configuration
  • Azure Based Management & Automation
  • Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  • Implementing Azure Automation
  • Automation Runbooks

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions - 70-534

Azure Essentials

  • Azure Essentials
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Azure Regions & Data Centers
  • Azure Services
  • Azure Storage: Accounts & Features
  • Replication Techniques
  • Protocols and Consistency Model

Azure File and Blob Storage

  • Azure File Storage Fundamentals
  • Share, Files, and Folders
  • Access Control
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Block Blob and Page Blob
  • Shared Access Signatures
  • Locking Operations

Azure Table and Queue Storage

  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Schema for Azure Tables
  • Scaling Tables
  • Access Control
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Need for Queues
  • Azure CDN
  • Setting CDN on Azure

Azure Virtual Networks

  • IP Addressing
  • What is a Virtual Network?
  • Network ACL & Network Security
  • Creating Virtual Networks in Azure
  • VPN Options
  • Architectural Difference between Azure VPNs like VNET to VNET
  • Load Balancing Endpoints
  • Private & Public IP
  • Express Route
  • Virtual Network Azure VNetwork

Azure Web Apps

  • Web App Tiers
  • Resource Group & Web Hosting Plans
  • Supported Language
  • Scaling of Websites
  • Deployment Sources & Pipeline
  • Security Framework Pricing Monitoring

Azure Virtual Machines

  • VMs Architecture
  • Types of OS Supported Images by Azure
  • Virtual Machine Types
  • Compute Tiers & Pricing
  • Understanding OS Disk & Data Disk
  • Understanding Custom Image
  • Types of Providing
  • Disks & Images
  • Virtual Machine Management, Automation & Scripting
  • Cloud Service and Endpoints

Azure Cloud Services

  • Features of Cloud Services
  • Deployment
  • Benefits & Roles
  • Web Role & Worker Role
  • Understanding Fault Domain
  • Types of Configuration File
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • Components & Specifications

Azure SQL Database

  • Database as a Service
  • SQL Database is not SQL Server
  • Advance Capabilities
  • SQL Database
  • Scaling SQL Database
  • Backup Options
  • Performance Model
  • Security
  • SQL Reporting
  • SQL Data Sync
  • SQL Federation
  • Migrate a Database from an On-Premise to SQL Azure

Implement an Azure Active Directory

  • Exploring Azure Active Directory
  • Self Management Azure Active Directory
  • Importance and Benefits of Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory Data Sync
  • Issues with Data Sync & How to Solve It
  • Moving Local Active Directory to Azure Active Directory
  • Integration Scenarios
  • Cloud Native App Active Directory
  • Desktop App Active Directory
  • Federation App Active Directory
  • Single Sign-on for SaaS
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Role-based Access Control
  • ADFS & Azure Access Control Service

Infrastructure PowerShell

  • Evolution of Script
  • Azure PowerShell cmdlets
  • Exploring PowerShell DSC
  • Studying Azure Mobile Service
  • Mobile App Development Process and Requirement
  • Studying Azure MBaaS
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Authentication Flow & Push Notification

Azure HDInsights and Media Services

  • BigData & Hadoop
  • Exploring Azure HDInsight Service
  • Azure Media Services
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery & Cost Optimization

Monitoring Strategy with Azure Portal


  • Monitoring Tools
  • Monitoring Web Apps with Visual Studio
  • Monitoring Services with Azure Portal
  • Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Guidance
  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability
  • Principles of Azure Site Recovery
  • Understanding Hyper-V Replica
  • Exploring Azure Automation
  • Runbook and Scheduled Jobs

What is the Microsoft Azure Course Duration ?

  • Overall - 2 Months
  • Batch Mode - Daily / Weekend.

What is the Microsoft Azure Course fees ?

  • Our fees are dependent on batches, You can call our executive and they tell you current batch fees.

Who are the trainers for Microsoft Azure Course ?

  • We have experienced trainers team with us, who is having more than 5+ years real time industry experience, other than that they have teaching experience.
  • Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

 Do you provide Microsoft Azure Course training material to the candidates ?

  • Yes, study material will be provided to you in our website, we will give you access to our study material.

 How to register ?

  • There are two ways of getting register for the course, one you can enter Name, Email, Phone and Course and registrar on website.
  • Second, you can simply give us a call our executive will do all the needful for you.

 What are the payment options?

  • Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  • Cheque Payment
  • Google pay, Paytm
  • Western Union Money transfer 

Will I get a demo class?

  • Yes, you can registrar for Free Demo class.

What is system configuration required for an online training class?

  • You don’t need any special configuration, have the proper equipment like headphone, internet, regular configured course.

What if I have any questions during the class ?

  • You can always ask any question during class and the trainer will right away answer your question.

What if I miss the class?

  • You don’t need to worry we will give you recorded session, and we will let u know the class time for missed class from another batch, you just need to manage time.

Will there be interactive classes, Practical classes with real-time exposure?

  • There will be an interactive call, we will take practical classes.

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